Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot Weddings/ babies/ family portraits etc

Sorry I do not. There are many wonderful photographers out there who do though, and I am happy to refer you if need be. The only thing I do in this area are Family Documentaries. 

What are your rates?

As there are so many variables involved in producing high quality photography and video, my rates are not fixed. I generally like to quote each specific job once I have received a brief and understand your requirements. As a guide please see Packages for some options. If you would like to know more please feel free to call or email me with more details of your requirements. I would be happy to give you an obligation free quote, or discuss your budget to see what we can achieve.

Do you do product photography

I don’t do white background product photography. I can photograph design pieces in-situ or in studio set-ups. For examples see here: 

How did you get into photography and video production? 

I originally studied Media and Communications at Macquarie University, then a BA in Commercial Photography from RMIT. I also have a Masters in Media Production from UTS - I just like studying!  More importantly however, I have over 15 years of hands on experience working in high end commercial studios as both an assistant and photographer, and have been running my own photography business for the last 10 years. 

What camera/ equipment do you use?

I use a wide range of equipment depending on the needs of the project. However my main “workhorse” camera is a Canon 5D IV with a range of lenses. 

Do you use photoshop / do editing?

I shoot all images in RAW format which means they have no contrast, saturation etc applied as a Jpeg would. Therefore I always do at least a minimal amount of editing using a range of software to bring the best out the image. What I don’t do is change the original state of things unnaturally, as this is not my style of photography. I believe in capturing as much as possible “in camera” and only enhancing in post production. 

Can you do it any cheaper?

Like any business, I have many overheads to cover, a salary to make and a family to help support! While I always do my best to keep my prices competitive for clients, and am willing to discuss costs where necessary, please respect there is only so low one can go, while maintaining a high level of quality.